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Smarter, better, more cost-effective freight management.
That's OptiFreight®.

OptiFreight® Logistics provides tailored shipping strategies that do more than reduce direct shipping costs. They give you greater insight into what you're spending, more control over how you spend it, and the ability to focus on other areas of your business.

Smarter technology.
Better processes.
And people who make it possible.


Our Philosophy

At OptiFreight® Logistics, we share your passion for creating a healthier world. And through our partnerships with the people who provide care, we are committed to making healthcare work smarter, better and more cost-effectively.

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With the dedicated team at OptiFreight® Logistics you'll know more at every point in the shipping process. And with greater insight into your freight management spend, you'll be able to more efficiently control your costs and manage modes.

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Your account manager will be your day to day contact, but you'll also have a team of experts behind you. They follow the detailed processes that ensure you have complete control of your freight management - which translates into optimum cost savings.

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Innovative technology drives OptiFreight® Logistics, and our IT team works ceaselessly to improve and enhance it, based on both customer feedback and the changing healthcare landscape.

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Smarter freight savings with OptiFreight® Logistics

At OptiFreight® Logistics, our freight experts help you lower your direct freight costs by shipping smarter, better, and more cost-effectively.

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What are OptiFreight® Logistics customers saying?

"OptiFreight® has helped us significantly reduce our freight expense… because the program was easy to implement and savings began immediately, our staff was quick to embrace the program and see the value it brought."

Randy Borek
CFO, CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories

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